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'Vehicle 19' Trailer: Paul Walker, Driving His Least Awesome Car Yet


Fast/Furious star Paul Walker is back where he belongs, quietly grimacing behind a steering wheel and occasionally making something explode, for Vehicle 19. Walker stars as a just-released convict who's trying to rent a sedan to return to his spouse but--get this!--ends up with a minivan! Vehicle 19 is not the nondescript vehicle he ordered! AND there's traffic! AND there is a gun in the minivan, and a woman tied up in the back, and the corrupt police force want to kill her. But Paul Walker cannot let that happen. This is his chance to redeem his criminal name. Per usual, he's going to do that by driving around for an hour or two, or until Vin Diesel shows up.

Here's the trailer, featuring the least-convincing delivery of "this is a minivan; I ordered a sedan" imaginable. The boys at Avis are definitely not going to be buying that shit.

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