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Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace Teaming (Again), and Other Casting Stuff


- Zac Efron has reportedly signed on to star in Akiva Goldsman's The Falling, said to be "an edgy thriller centering around an otherworldly being." Plot specifics aren't yet being divulged, but hey! A Zac Efron film!

- Warner Bros. has bought the rights to the novel The Man From Primrose Lane to develop into a Bradley Cooper vehicle. Cooper would star as a true-crime writer who, while investigating a strange murder, somehow "realizes in order to end the cycle of death and capture the killer he must look outside the parameters of what he believed to be true about time and space." That Bradley Cooper, always questioning our understanding of space-time, the acting world's handsomest Stephen Hawking.

- Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace, two of our favorite rising stars to talk about being rising stars, may be teaming up (again) for the Ridley Scott-produced '50s thriller Child 44. Hardy will play a Soviet officer investigating a string of child murders, while Rapace will play the wife who "is concealing many thoughts and feelings," so, depth.

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