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Tom Cruise Unlikely To Continue Jack Reaching


Tom Cruise's 50% more compact version of Jack Reacher may have put on his little jacket for the last time.

THR reports that, barring an extremely strong performance in Asia, Jack Reacher is not getting the sequel original planned to launch a franchise out of Cruise's flinty scamp. While the film has grossed over $150 million worldwide on its $60 million budget--and has yet to debut in China, Japan, and Korea--Paramount is said to want the film to cross the $250 million mark before they'll even consider another one. And even if the picture does hit that somewhat-unlikely benchmark, then there's the issue of negotiating a new deal with Cruise, which may be difficult given that the studio reportedly wants to keep the sequel's budget about the same, while Cruise would probably ask for a raise and a second leather jacket, for layering. But, hey, crazier things have happened. Like remember that time Tom Cruise somehow intimidated an auto store employee?

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