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'Last Exorcism Part II' Trailer: Start the New Year with More Exorcising


Suggesting that the title "Last Exorcism" was implying not finality but the last before the next, until that stops being obscenely profitable, Ashley Bell's Nell decides, "Alright, one more exorcism but then that's it," in The Last Exorcism, Part II. Here's the trailer, promising all the contortions and nightgowns one has come to expect as pre-exorcism foreplay--plus the added scares of ominous prank calls, the sinister ruining of wallpaper, and the sort of malevolent haircut sabotage that only a demon could cause.

Come on, it's Mardi Gras. Just get this Abalam guy a Hurricane and show him your boobs and he'll probably toss you some satanic beads and move on.

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