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Lance Armstrong Scandal Movie Already Happening


In light of Lance Armstrong's recent interview with Oprah--in which the cyclist revealed he used performance-enhancing drugs, and that he years-ago replaced his legs with powerful gorilla arms--Paramount and J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot have announced plans to develop a film chronicling his rise and fall.

Deadline reports the companies have made a deal for the screen rights to Cycle of Lies, Juliet Macur's book about Armstrong's cover-up and, judging by its title, the New York Post headlines it inspired. Macur is a New York Times sports reporter who has long covered Armstrong, from his ascent to becoming the one cyclist anyone knew, through his cancer and recovery, and on into the doping allegations he finally decided to fess up to.

Sony Pictures previously had an Armstrong biopic in development with Jake Gyllenhaal attached, but dropped the project last year, when the cyclist got banned from the sport and stripped of all his Tour de France titles, which was not really the ending they were hoping for. It's yet unclear if the studio will pick the film back up now that there is, if not a happy ending, at least a conclusive one, with a possibility for an Oprah cameo and dramatic slow-mo shot of a falling Livestrong bracelet.

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