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Kelsey Grammer, Martin Lawrence Doing the Sitcom Everyone Always Wanted Them To Do


At last, a bridge of laughter and wig hair is forming between Frasier and Martin.

According to Deadline, Kelsey Grammer and Martin Lawrence are working with Lionsgate TV to develop a sitcom that will return Big Momma to television and give Grammer his fourth ill-fated attempt at a show since 2008. The two are not necessarily the first actors you'd think to put in a comedy together, but reportedly the idea came about when the two stars for some reason met up just before Thanksgiving, a coming together of painfully-erudite pilgrim and sassy Indian that the two would like to recreate, a celebration of how they "showed great chemistry."

Looking to fast-track the show before David Hyde Pierce and Eddie Murphy can steal the idea, Lionsgate is now quietly searching for writers and showrunners to figure out exactly what the show's premise will be--that is, beyond what sources call a planned "odd couple" feel, these two distinct personalities not knowing what to do when they're thrown together like tossed salad, mixed up like scrambled eggs. Hopefully it will involve some prosthetics.

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