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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Joins 'Sin City 2' as Johnny [Depp]


Continuing in his recent tradition of playing a younger version an older actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has joined Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's long-developing Sin City: A Dame To Kill For in the role of Johnny Depp.

Alright, so while Gordon-Levitt won't explicitly be playing Johnny Depp, the part was written specifically for Depp--an all-new character not seen in the comics, named "Johnny" so that Depp would know which guy he was. He's said to be a smooth-talking gambler type.

The role is one of several Gordon-Levitt has been offered in recent weeks following a big year for him, which included parts in The Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln, and the thing where he rides a bicycle. He's reportedly turned down the non-monster lead in Legendary's upcoming Godzilla reboot, and similarly turned down Marvel's offer to lead Guardians of the Galaxy, somehow resisting the urge to follow-up an iconic role in Batman with the equally-iconic role of Star-Lord.

Rodriguez has been shooting A Dame To Kill For piecemeal since November, and though he now has his Depp replacement--as well as his Michael Clarke Duncan and Devon Aoki replacements--he's not yet done with casting, and is still searching for an actress to fill the role intended for Angelina Jolie, who also won't be taking part in the sequel. Sorry, Rodriguez, but the Teen Choice Award-winning cast of The Tourist was a Halley's comet of white-hot chemistry only meant to occur once per lifetime.

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