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Jim Carrey, Adam Sandler May Provide 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Comic Relief


Unable to let go of their comic collections nor their favorite comedy actor of 1995, Marvel is said to be looking at the schedules of Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler for a part (or parts!) in Guardians of the Galaxy.

groot-rocket-raccoon.jpgThe rumor comes from Latino Review, and while they don't have any confirmation on which parts the actors are up for, they speculate it could be Groot and/or Rocket Raccoon. Both stars could bring so much to a giant tree man repeatedly announcing "I am Groot," it's hard to say who would be best just yet.

Meanwhile, there's still the matter of casting the film's lead, Star-Lord. As you may recall, Marvel recently added Zachary Levi and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to a not-so-shortlist that includes another eight or so 30-something white guys. Well, now there are a few more dudes to add to that list, as Wes Bentley, Chris Lowell, and Cam Gigandet have also been brought in to read for the part. It's just so difficult to find an actor that matches the broad public's unwavering mental image of exactly who Star-Lord is.

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