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James Franco Will Style Hair, Get Murdered by Manson Family


James Franco is out at Sundance promoting several new Francofilms, and already has more to come beyond that, but the actor isn't about to take a break from the ceaseless work for putting himself in everything.

Deadline says he's now attached to star in and direct Beautiful People, a biopic about '60s celebrity hairstylist Jay Sebring. The script from Lauren Wild reportedly focuses on Sebring's rise up the Hollywood social ladder and his romantic relationship with actress Sharon Tate. The romantic aspect of their relationship was put to an end when Tate married Roman Polanski, but the two remained close until that friendship was also put to an end--this time in a way fucked up by even "crimes involving Roman Polanski" standards"--when the Manson Family cult brutally murdered them both. (Spoiler.)

Anyway, Franco still has like ten other films coming out first, so don't even worry about this right now. By the time Beautiful People comes about, we'll probably all be part of a Franco hive mind anyway.

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