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'Inside Llewyn Davis' Trailer: The Coens Explore Folk Music, Cat Videos


After a two-year Coen drought that left us desperately scrambling for even their screwball hand-me-downs, the filmmaking brothers are finally back with an all-Coen original effort in Inside Llewyn Davis. Based on the Greenwich Village folk scene of the '60s--in particular, the career of Dave Van Ronk--the film and its just-released first trailer are quick to ingratiate us with the enjoyably familiar: A Bob Dylan song! The married couple from Drive! Justin Timberlake doing music! John Goodman doing Coen-y antagonism! That one Instragram filter that makes stuff look lost and nostalgic but doesn't have any annoying borders or anything! Cat video!

Anyway, it's a Coen, and should thusly be admired and accepted as most-likely a pretty good movie, even if it doesn't really feel entirely like a Coen. Here's that trailer:

Anyone else feel really uncomfortable seeing Goodman too-likely portending his own end?

(Thanks, KidBraggart)

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