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Guillermo del Toro Turned Down 'Star Wars', Would Rather Brad Bird Did It


In another tale of "totally could have nailed that shit; didn't want to" to make whoever takes Star Wars home feel bad, braggart Guillermo del Toro has joined J.J. Abrams in claiming he already turned down the chance to direct the next chapter of the Lucasfilms saga.

Though he last year said he hadn't been formally approached, del Toro recently gave ThePlaylist an update to that situation, saying that new Star Wars rights holders Disney have since coquettishly asked if he might be interested in Episode VII.

Following in the dismissive paths of Abrams, Spielberg, Tarantino, and Visionary Zach Snyder, the director then explained how he told them he is not at all interested in doing this thing, rightfully laying out how he's "busy enough" (see: the eight or so other things del Toro is doing) and would rather, like many of us, "have loved to see Brad Bird take it." Of course, that won't be happening either, as Bird too has followed in the popular fashion of openly rebuffing Disney's hypothetical offers--thus seemingly leaving the task entirely to the heavily-rumored Matthew Vaughn, the white knight whose acceptance of the X-Men franchise has already proven his ability to overlook a spotty past. Matthew Vaughn doesn't care what you did with Hayden Christensen, Star Wars. Just let him love you.

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