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First Look at 'Non-Stop', the Latest Thing Where Liam Neeson Scowls with a Gun


From EW, here's a first look at Liam Neeson considering, "Well, I guess this is my career now; I got an Academy Award nod for Schindler's List and now I'm just going to do this between turns putting on armor and releasing krakens," in Non-Stop. The film from Jaume Collet-Serra--whose Unknown already further cemented Neeson's second act as "angry man in suit with pistol"--sees the scowling actor as an air marshal trying to sort out who aboard the plane is placing anonymous threats, when they know you're not allowed to use your phones until landing. Downton Abbey's Michelle Dockery plays a stewardess, and Julianne Moore plays the passenger seated beside Neeson. He'll probably have to strangle one of them.

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