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'Day of the Falcon' Trailer: Meet Hot Middle Eastern Stars Antonio Banderas and Mark Strong


Antonio Banderas and Mark Strong wage war over no man's land, and for the Honorary Exotic Leader card Ben Kingsley left hidden in the sand when he departed for Eastern lands, in Enemy at the Gates director Jean-Jacques Annaud's Day of the Falcon. The actors play rival sheikhs--who are definitively Arab, no matter what any flagrant Spanish accents have told you--whose tentative peace comes to an end when a U.S. oil company starts offering money to exploit the oil prospects of a demilitarized zone between the two peoples. Also, to add some Romeo & Juliet drama to things, Banderas's son Tahar Rahim falls in love with Strong's daughter, Indian actress Freida Pinto, who, come on, is at least closer to being Arab than that girl from Prince of Persia, explained a nervous casting director.

Here's the trailer. There will be blood! But mostly there will be Antonio Banderas scowls.

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