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'At Any Price' Trailer: Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron at Last Play Father and Son


Here's the trailer for At Any Price, a film about how sometimes a family passion will skip a generation, just as a weathered, permanent grimace apparently will. Dennis Quaid plays a father and head of a long-held family farm who hopes to hand it off to his son one day, when he's too old to both plow and scowl. Zac Efron plays said son, a brooding, rebellious type who plans to leave the farm and overtake Jeff Gordon's position as NASCAR's dreamboat. Adding to the conflict, Heather Graham starts making time with both married father and taken son, while a tip to some kind of farm investigators puts the entire family business on the line. Quaid is driven to tears; Efron is driven to a primal rage of punching and shooting and fucking things. So much heightened family melodrama! And, sadly, no Madea to diffuse it all.

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