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Anne Hathaway To Be Shrewish, Later Tamed


With Spielberg indefinitely postponing the robot war that was to be led by the battle cry of her dramatic sobbing, Anne Hathaway will reportedly now follow up her recently-acclaimed reading of "thank you"s with the lead in a Taming of the Shrew adaptation.

From TheWrap comes news that Shame and The Iron Lady writer Abi Morgan will provide the script, which will transport the play to the mid 20th century. The adaptation is going by the pithy, modern title of Shrew, thus rendering the "taming" aspect an exciting twist that I will now spoil for you with this summary: The Shakespeare comedy explores the hilarities of misogyny with a tale in which a headstrong woman is subjugated through the psychological tricks of a suitor who probably knows what's best for her anyway. It's been previously adapted into the film Kiss Me Kate, with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and later 10 Things I Hate About You, which modernized the story to the height of Julia Stiles's career. The 2003 comedy Deliver Us from Eva also drew inspiration from the play, as well as from the Shakespearean pun of casting would-be suitor LL Cool J as a meat deliveryman. For whatever reason, Tyler Perry has not yet done a version with himself tempering himself as the outspoken Madea, but there's still time.

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