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Adele Will Sing The James Bond Song at the Oscars


After last year cutting a Muppets musical performance in favor of keeping the ceremony's song stylings Pure Crystal, the Academy Awards producers are this year repealing their "no singing your enjoyable song, popular artist!" policy, today announcing that Adele will join the show to perform her tune about skyfalling. Thus far, it seems she'll be the only Oscar nominee performing their nominated song--part of this year's minor theme of "Hey, if you like Bond, watch this awards show!" Skyfall didn't get a Best Picture nomination, but there's promised to be a video interlude celebrating the Bond franchise's 50th anniversary, as well as various reaction shots gauging whether or not Daniel Craig is visibly enjoying Seth MacFarlane's voices. And if there's time, Dame Judi Dench will get roasted. Should be fun.

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