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'Star Wars 7' Might See Luke Running a Jedi School on Yavin 4, Or Not


Could Star Wars: Episode VII see Luke Skywalker establishing his own school in a distant land, following in the footsteps of his Jedi master, Oprah? Yes, says Reuters, so it must be true.

In an article about both the Mayan apocalypse and how George Lucas used Guatemalan temples and forests as a backdrop for the moon base Yavin 4, it's casually claimed that Disney's recently-announced new Star War will be one "in which Skywalker comes back to [Yavin 4] to build a Jedi Knight academy."

It makes sense as an idea, and seems to match up with what the Wookieepedia claims is Star Wars canon for Yavin's future, but before we start dreaming of the many hilarious pranks to be played on mean ol' Dean Skywalker, it's probably worth noting that the article gives no source for their information, and it seems pretty likely this is not official, as Disney is not the type to reveal their top secret projects to guys writing about a loose connection between Star Wars and the Mayan apocalypse. Still, something to think about. At least for the brief time we have left before the Mayan calendar and Star Wars claims us all.


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