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New Looks at Michael Douglas Draped in Fur, Al Pacino as Phil Spector, and Other HBO Dress-Up Games


HBO is building up to another season of justifying how much you pay for it every month, bringing back favorites like Eastbound and Down and Game of Thrones while adding promising new original content like Steven Soderbergh's Liberace biopic, a Phil Spector movie with Al Pacino, and new series from Christopher Guest and Stephen Merchant. Thanks to BleedingCool, here are some early looks at those things.

Danny McBride doing young Timberlake for the new season of Eastbound and Down:

Chris O'Dowd from Christopher Guest's improvised series about tracing a genealogy and discovering that of course there's a part for Michael McKean:


Stephen Merchant's Ricky Gervais-less, not-officially-autobiographical series about being a gawkish Englishman awkwardly looking for love in America, and painfully trying to pull off this scarf and fedora.


Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in the Liberace film Behind the Candelabra. Judging by the source material's dust jacket, the costume people really nailed the flamboyant militant look.



Al Pacino as producer/murderer Phil Spector:


Ostensibly unrelated photo of director Penny Marshall:

And some new Game of Thrones shots, just to keep the tone around here appropriately nerdy:



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