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'Place Beyond the Pines' Trailer: Gosling and Cooper Play Bleak Game of Cops and Robbers and Dads


Apparently unafraid of being pigeonholed as "cool-guy heist/stunt driver chasing the affections of beautiful woman and child, something coolly dangling from his lip the whole time" Drive star Ryan Gosling is once again that for the crime drama The Place Beyond the Pines. The film re-teams Gosling with director Derek Cianfrance, who he worked with on Blue Valentine, and as you might guess if you've seen that piece of harrowing relationship trauma, things look pretty bleak here. Gosling is a poor motorcycle stunt guy for a circus, and only gets into bank robbing in the hopes of making enough to take care of Eva Mendes and the young child he's just finding out about. Bradley Cooper is the cop in pursuit, and he of course also has issues with his job, spouse (Rose Byrne), and new child. Questions of father-son relationships, lasting consequences, and who was really the Sexiest Man of 2011 are explored and will probably leave you sort of depressed. Gosling cries both tears and knife tattoos. Here's the trailer:

  • June 2, 2011
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