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'Man of Steel' Trailer: This Is the 'Tree of Life' of Super-Powered Alien Hero Movies


Superman has gotten really dramatic, everyone. Well, except for when his chest catches on fire. He's pretty casual about that. Have a look:

Well, this is undeniably more impressive than the old teasers that looked pieced together from "Americana" and "Gone Fishin'" stock footage collections. But as this is a Zack Snyder film, hard to yet say how much of this is will really hold its implied drama and how much is just his usual hollow, visual bombast that only plays well as a powerfully-orchestrated commercial. Also, is this thing like four hours? From the looks of this, it's going to take a good hundred minutes just to give Clark his costume and that Superman-branded charcoal pencil. Hopefully that will all become clearer as the next five or ten trailers slowly trickle in up to the film's premiere.

How about Michael Shannon's Zod, though, huh? Was this guy in everyone's high school or what?


If you can't wait until June, you can see more of him on your yearbook's wrestling team page.

(Thanks, Jarryd and Owen)

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