'Jumanji' Remake Has Writer Working on Updating Those CGI Stampedes


Sony's new, updated Jumanji that is not Zathura now has a writer working on the many, many descriptions of living room trampling.

That writer: Zach Helm, who once earned some acclaim for his high-concept script for the Will Ferrell film Stranger Than Fiction. More relevantly, he wrote and directed Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, which, like Jumanji, involved a fantastical adventure and an actor who notably played a man in drag.

THR reiterates that Sony is developing the project "an update for the present" but still has yet to reveal what exactly will change to make this different than the 1995 version. Maybe Jumanji will be an enchanted Zynga farm game now? Leslie Mann will be the Bonnie Hunt character?



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