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'Incredible Burt Wonderstone' Trailer: Steve Carell, Jim Carrey Explore Changing World of Magicianry


The showy shift from big-haired, glitzy illusionist acts to the darker magicks of angry glares and eyeliner is one we've already seen on television, the acts of David Copperfield and Franz Harary disappearing to make way for more Mindfreaking and whatever David Blaine is locking himself in. Now we'll get to belatedly see it on the big screen thanks to The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, a comedy starring Steve Carell, fellow Bruce Almighty ham Jim Carrey, fellow Little Miss Sunshine star Alan Arkin, fellow Steve, Buscemi, and Olivia Wilde.

Carell and Buscemi play the fading, Siegfried & Roy-looking previous generation of magician, whose rhinestoned jackets are glittering less far in the dark shadow of Carrey's wristbands. Arkin plays the even more distant generation, the retiree who first inspired Carell to pick up the craft of dove manifestation. Olivia Wilde is an attractive lady, her exact role TBD. Here's the trailer. Keep an eye out for Arkin's tragically inexplicable head waggle! It is the truest magic.

Kind of reeks of Blades of Glory, huh?

And in case you missed it, the best part:


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