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Future of Star Wars Mash-Up: Behold, Disney's Many Things


Disney's many film properties--Muppets, Marvel, Pixar and all--come together to party under the themes of Star Wars and aggressive corporate synergy in this massive new mash-up from Patrick Peris. Top notch, but disappointingly non-erotic.

  • April 18, 2013
    Start planning your schedule for sitting in line dressed up as something. Disney has revealed when to expect more of those space battles you like so much, elaborating that their planned 2015 release of Star Wars: Episode VII will be the summer film to beat. From there, expect a... / Continue →
  • March 22, 2013
    "Well, it looked dumb when it was just an overwhelming barrage of lurid CGI, but now that I see it's black-and-white and requires reading..."... / Continue →
  • February 15, 2013
    Monsters University's titular institution continues to pretend it's a real place, with real coeds just waiting for your touch, with another recruitment video, featuring a message from the dean. Watch below in anticipation of the latest wild Billy Crystal college comedy.... / Continue →
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