Val Kilmer Did These Things for One of Terrence Malick's New Films


Turns out he can do more than just dramatically remove his glasses.

With Terrence Malick currently shooting a film based around the Austin music scene, visitors to the city's Fun Fun Fun Fest were treated to a surprise they hadn't felt since Batman Forever: the unexpected arrival of Val Kilmer as replacement ebon frontman. Kilmer took the stage with co-star Rooney Mara and the Black Lips last weekend, where he was photographed hacking at his hair, swinging around a chainsaw, jamming, and doing his classic "elderly Val Kilmer," because these are apparently things he'll do in Malick's still-untitled film. As the crowd probably thought that was a pretty weird thing to be happening, they got some video of Kilmer's antics, too, and you can check it out below. Spoiler, I guess, unless Malick cuts all this?

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