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'Transformers 4' Likely Getting Exported to China


All those campaign promises to keep Mark Wahlberg manufacturing in America... All lies.

Following in the clanking footsteps of Iron Man 3, Michael Bay will likely be blowing the shit out of China for the latest sequel to his toy-selling franchise: according to Vulture, Bay and Paramount are currently eyeing the People's Republic as the setting for Transformers 4, starring Mark Wahlberg as Man.

The move seems out of character for the jingoistic Bay--whose love of American military and American flag shots is bested only by his love of fireballs and whirling shards--but as you might expect, the decision, like most of Bay's film choices, has little to do with plotting or characters. It's all about the bottom-line, and with China's box office market quickly growing to become the largest international market, it's important for studios to get their films released in the country. By shooting there and working with the region's production partners, Paramount ups the odds of Transformers 4 getting a wide Chinese release, and that dramatically raises the film's box office potential. Though, as Vulture's insider notes, this does give Bay some interesting new narrative themes, as well, like maybe "showing how robots blow up some corner of the Great Wall of China." And probably a Chinese supermodel this time.

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