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Tom Cruise Wants Christopher McQuarrie for 'Mission: Impossible: 5'


Continuing a relationship with Tom Cruise that began with 2008's Valkyrie and has only appeared to strengthened, without even so much as a binding contract to make the relationship appear to strengthen, Jack Reacher's Christopher McQuarrie is reportedly in line to take over directing duties on the next Mission: Impossible.

Though Paramount and and Skydance Productions are still only in the early stages of contriving an elaborate new title to follow in the grandeur of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, McQuarrie is said to be "the guy that Cruise and [producer] JJ Abrams want" in the director's chair, reports Deadline.

Reacher is only McQuarrie's second writing-directing effort, following 2000's The Way of the Gun, but after falling off the map for a bit, he's been a strong presence on the writing scene as of late, doing work on The Wolverine, Jack the Giant Slayer, and The Tourist. In the realm of Cruise, he has a credit on the upcoming All You Need Is Kill, worked on the Top Gun 2 script before that was basically shut down, and most relevantly, reportedly did uncredited rewrites on Brad Bird's M:I - GP. Though McQuarrie then seems the obvious choice to also write the next film in a package deal, that's apparently not the case, as writers are said to be hired on before a director choice is made, meaning a final decision probably won't come for a while--probably just after the studio finds out if anyone is going to buy this Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher thing.

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