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The Rock Drives Truck, Catches Drug Dealers in 'Snitch' Trailer


When his son is wrongly-implicated in drug dealing and given a mandatory 10-year prison sentence, loving, giant father The Rock invents a novel approach for overturning the sentence, "How about I go out and catch a better drug dealer--say, Benjamin Bratt doing an accent--and then, if I understand law, we can trade and you just let my kid go?" To which U.S. attorney Susan Sarandon replies, "Cool, tradesies!", thus sending Rock into the world of drug trafficking and quickly washing away earlier hints that Snitch might be sort of a serious drama. Barry Pepper co-stars as a narc officer who looks pretty into thrash metal, while Michael K. Williams drops by to talk about "the game," as, thanks to The Wire, he'll probably be asked to do that in a film a year until he dies. Here's the trailer.

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