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'Star Wars: Episode VIII and/or IX' Also Has Writers


Now that they've got the series in hand, Disney isn't wasting any time dicking around with Jar Jar Binks Koosh Balls.

Just two weeks after hiring Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt to write the seventh chapter of the Star Wars saga, the studio is already moving on to get writers for episodes eight and nine, too, with THR reporting that Disney has signed on for the sequels Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan. HEARD OF HIM? Because you should have. Kasdan has done some of LucasFilms' best work, writing Raiders of the Lost Ark and, prior to that, The Empire Strikes Back, which was a pretty good Star War. He also wrote Return of the Jedi, which was not quite as good a Star War, as well as The Big Chill, suggesting that the rumored reunion of the original cast may involve a lighthearted dance scene.

Kinberg has some relevant experience to the job as well. He's already successfully re-started a franchise with scripts for X-Men: First Class and the upcoming sequel, and his work on Jumper has given him a taste of terrible Hayden Christensen mythologies. He also wrote xXx: State of the Union, so if Ice Cube is suddenly brought in to be the new Han or something, that's fine, too.

It still isn't clear who will write which film, nor is it clear what these things will be about beyond the harsh reminder that we all grow old and grow out of our slave outfits. Some lightsaber nunchuks would be pretty cool, though.

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