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Some of Those New Star Wars May Be Character Spin-Offs


So, those Star Wars sequels Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan are supposedly writing? Turns out they might be not Episodes VIII & IX so much as Jar Jar's Journeys and Goin' Solo.

Since their initial report of Kinberg and Kasdan's involvement, The Hollywood Reporter has updated their story to say that the films those two will write are "not necessarily" to follow Michael Arndt's Episode VII script. Rather, they may be writing so-called "separate projects" that "could form the basis for spinoffs focusing on side characters"---something like Disney already has going with their Marvel films. Disney and Lucasfilm have not commented on the story, nor on whether they'd consider an quiet film about Palpatine's home life once they hear this title: "In Sidous"! How about it, guys?

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