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Soderbergh's 'Side Effects' Trailer: Something About Prescription Drug Something Bad!


Reuniting Steven Soderbergh with Magic Mike's Channing Tatum, Contagion's Jude Law, Traffic's Catherine Zeta-Jones, and his usual devil-may-care attitude toward white balance, Side Effects stars Rooney Mara as a woman reunited with her husband (Tatum) after his release from prison. Finding herself unable to enjoy the ab homecoming to its fullest, she starts taking some medication prescribed by Dr. Law, which helps at first but, as you may have guessed, has some SIDE EFFECTS. This trailer doesn't really get into what those side effects are, but whatever they are, they seem to be causing a lot of shouting, so they are probably not very good. We're talking BAD SIDE EFFECTS here. Like, someone is probably going to side effect jail for this. That bad.

Spoiler: this will be better than Katherine Heigl's Side Effects.

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