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Now Maybe David Fincher or Jon Favreau Could Direct a Star War


While Matthew Vaughn remains the odds-on favorite to direct Star Wars: Episode VII, the fact that there are a few other directors who haven't denied involvement has led to some new rumors: maybe David Fincher and/or Jon Favreau are up for it?

Acknowledging the Vaughn rumor, Deadline goes on to say they've heard some talk that "Jon Favreau is panting after this job," and that even David Fincher "might be game for one of these new films," particularly if they'd let him fuck with the color balance. Favreau already has a relationship with Disney, as he's currently supposed to be that Magic Kingdom movie they've had planned, while Fincher too may have a in from his early years, when he did camera work for Return of the Jedi with Industrial Light & Magic. LucasFilm and Disney, of course, are not confirming nor quite denying the talk, labeling it "speculation," just because it is.

Not to start any new rumors, but has anyone noticed how curiously quiet Penny Marshall has been through all this?

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