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Contrary to Rumors, Mike Myers Has Probably Not Written 'Wayne's World 3'


Don't worry, the long-rumored Austin Powers 4 and never-rumored Love Guru 2 remain Mike Myers' priorities for wig-wearing.

Yesterday, JoBlo reported that EW had passed on word that Myers finished a first draft of a Wayne's World 3 script, said to depressingly see Wayne and Garth now old and "coping with the new era of music, transitioning from access cable to streaming internet (ala Youtube) and Wayne balancing his marriage to Cassandra." But while tacking a Viagra reference onto a aged "schwing" reprisal does sound like something Myers would be up for, it seems it's not yet to be. FirstShowing has since followed up on the story and learned that its origins are spurious, with EntertainmentWeekly denying any knowledge. So please, do not spread this rumor. Don't make Dana Carvey excitedly get his glasses out of storage for nothing.

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