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Maybe Matthew Vaughn Will Make You a New Star War


The director of X-Men: First Class and Stardust may have his nerdiest assignment yet.

Remember how Matthew Vaughn dropped out of the latest X-Men sequel, forcing Bryan Singer back into the mutant business? Well, according to a source that spoke to Collider, Vaughn's departure may have something to do with that whole Disney making more Star Wars thing, if you remember that. Though it's currently being firmly categorized as an "unconfirmed rumor," Vaughn is said to be in talks with Lucasfilm to helm the next chapter of the saga, kicking off further rumors that perhaps he and frequent screenwriting partner Jane Goldman were some of the writers that already met about the project. Anyway, it's all just talk right now, so no point in worrying about it. But if Vaughn does end up getting the deal... do you think he'll bring back the beam swords? I love those!

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