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'MacGyver' Movie Given to 'Insidious' and 'Saw' Director


Saw director James Wan is moving on to another constructor of overly-elaborate bullshit.

Looking to assemble whatever they could out of the seemingly-useless things laying around them, New Line has attached Wan, the director of their upcoming The Conjuring, to their long-planned feature-length adaptation of MacGyver, Variety reports. And yes, probably attached with a paper clip, because MACGYVER.

A film has been in the works--in some form or another, without even counting MacGruber--since at least 2008, and there's currently said to be a script from Bangkok Dangerous writer Jason Richman that was last reworked by the writers of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. The content and tone of said script hasn't been revealed, nor is it clear if original '80s series star Richard Dean Anderson will appear in the film, or if he'll have his little haircut. What is known--and what most of the studio's decision was likely based on--is that Wan, like MacGyver, has a reputation for putting things together cheaply. And just as MacGyver somehow managed to drag itself out across seven increasingly-absurd seasons, so too has executive producer James Wan eked seven increasingly-absurd films out of his Saw concept. So, really, you can sort of see how this makes sense. At least until you get to MacGyver's non-violence philosophy, or watch any of James Wan's films. But why would you watch those when you can watch MacGyver inexplicably turn a coffin into a jet ski?

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