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First Look at 'All You Need Is Kill': Meet Mecha-Cruise


As we've learned from Mission: Impossible, Tom Cruise's manic energy is best put to use sprinting from some exploding shit, and it looks like the actor's sisyphean jogging routine will continue, ad infinitum, into the future. Here's a first look at All You Need Is Kill, the sci-fi film in which mech-suited Cruise ends up Groundhog Day'd and repeatedly re-running a huge battle fought against some aliens. See his eternally-scampering robo-feet below.



  • June 27, 2012
    How is Tom Cruise going to play a physically-imposing, 6'5", 250-pound ex-army cop? EntertainmentWeekly has the answer with this first official look at Jack Reacher (formerly One Shot): Tom Cruise is going to dress like the newly-virile lead in a Cialis commercial.... / Continue →
  • October 10, 2011
    Hidden within a longer article that basically argues that Tom Cruise will continue to be a star whether anyone likes it or not: news that Cruise may be starring in another big budget tentpole, whether anyone likes it or not. This time the film is All You Need Is Kill, a sci-fi ... / Continue →
  • September 30, 2011
    When we first heard Tom Cruise would be playing Lee Child's One Shot lead, a long-running character named Jack Reacher, many were a tad skeptical. After all, Reacher is described as a 6'5", 250-pound powerhouse, whereas Tom Cruise tops out around five-and-a-half feet. How would... / Continue →
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