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'Dark Skies' Trailer: Aliens Invade Keri Russell's House, Act Like A-Holes


Proudly touted as "from the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious," here's another tale of a suburban white family plagued by arbitrary, varyingly-spooky acts. The kitchen is a mess of stacks! Husband character is unresponsive and agape in the lawn! Kid is covered in bruises! And though alcoholism would provide an obvious reason for all these acts, it seems there's another explanation: aliens, I guess?

Dark Skies stars Keri Russell as the family's beleaguered matriarch, while J.K. Simmons shows up late in the second act to, like Lin Shaye in Insidous, be the aging, well-regarded comic-character-actor/paranormal-expert there to have all the answers. Here's the trailer.

Birds are running right into their windows! Mom keeps smacking her head into the glass door! So the message is that the aliens stole all their nefarious plans from a Windex commercial pitch?

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