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Brad Bird Is Not Directing 'Star Wars', Alright?


Add one more person to the growing list of people adamantly not making you a Star War: Brad Bird is also not doing it.

As was implied last week, when Bird's long-discussed science-fiction project began moving forward with casting, it seems his next film will be that, not Star Wars. He said as much this weekend, when a Twitter fan begged, "tell me your next one is the new Star Wars!", to which Bird replied, "Nope. A science fiction film. Not Star Wars."

Still, the ambiguity in the phrase "Not Star Wars" left some curious if in fact that meant Star Wars, leading another fan to ask "Is it Star Wars Episode VII? Because I really hope it's Star Wars Episode VII..." Holding to his story in the face of such brutal interrogation, Bird maintained, "It's not Episode VII." So, from his own twitter mouth, Brad Bird is really, really not directing Star Wars: Episode VII, you guys. Sorry. Smurfs/Home Alone 3/Beverly Hills Chihuahua/Big Momma's House director Raja Gosnell, meanwhile, would like everyone to note his relevant work experience in CGI-meets-live-action, belated sequels, semi-racist caricatures, and Jabba-like obesity, so if anyone wants to start tossing his name around, that would be just fine.

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