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'Bored to Death' Movie Being Written, Says Ted Danson


Always eager to discuss Bored to Death--anything to avoid acknowledging CSI or returning home to Mary Steenburgen--Ted Danson took some time at the 5th annual GQ Gentleman's Ball to give an update on what's happening with that movie he mentioned back in June.

Though HBO still hasn't confirmed the development of a Bored to Death feature, Danson tells the Wall Street Journal (via) that a "deal is about to be signed," and author and series creator Jonathan Ames "is writing it as we speak." And what would a special 90-minute episode of Bored to Death episode entail? Well, how about HIJINKS?

"I think Jason becomes a policeman, which means, for him, a traffic cop," Danson said. "He'll have a traffic-cop go-kart kind of thing. And I think Ray and I move in together, both of us without relationships. And then: hijinks. All hell breaks loose. That's about as much as I know."

Once again stressing his enthusiasm for the project, Danson reportedly said he's rooting for it to happen, saying, "Lord, yes, I'm onboard." The actor, meanwhile, seemed to have little to update on the subject of Becker: The Movie.

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