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Tom Cruise Big-Time Into Science Fiction Now


He's already got two science fiction films in the making alongside his ongoing work on Battlefield Earth: The Religion, but still Tom Cruise is adding to his sci-fi lineup.

Variety reports Earth's favorite manic star is attached to Our Name Is Adam, a spec script from T.S. Nowlin. Though Cruise has a lot on his plate right now--including remakes of The Magnificent Seven and Van Helsing, and the identification and tagging of a new human female bride--if he moves on to this as his next starring role, it would be his third straight sci-fi project: he's shooting Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski's WALL-E-esque Oblivion back-to-back with Doug Liman's Groundhog Day-of-the-post-apocalypse, We Mortals Are (formerly All You Need Is Kill). Plot details of Our Name Is Adam are being kept secret, but the title's "our" and biblical implications could be hinting at some kind of creation-of-cloned-men story. Or Tom Cruise is remaking Jack & Jill, in the future. Let's hope it's that one.

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