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Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg Get Pissed at Each Other in 'Broken City' Trailer


When New York City hero mayor Russell Crowe asks NYPD hero cop Mark Wahlberg to figure out who his wife is screwing around with, Wahlberg takes the job as an opportunity to show New York City hero solidarity, and maybe snap some photos of Catherine Zeta-Jones naked. He does the job and comes back with a name and his nudie shots, but when the guy from the photos ends up murdered, Wahlberg finds himself double-crossed and blackmailed, embroiled in a massive scandal that goes to the top of city hall. As mapped out in the lines of Wahlberg's ever-concerned expressions, it seems the town Crowe claims to have been fixing for now remains a BROKEN CITY. At least in terms of high-powered cuckold vengeance.

I'm pretty sure there's absolutely no way it would make any sense at all, but if somehow the man Wahlberg was photographing was, in fact, himself, then bravo, Broken City. Bravo.

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