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Nic Cage and/or Darth Vader Will Save the Princess


The Star Wars prequels' Hayden Christensen and Bangkok Dangerous star Nicolas Cage are at last combining their respective talents at saving princesses and doing whatever stupid bullshit in eastern Asia.

According to The Wrap, Christensen--who wasn't in a single film last year--and Cage--who headlined five films last year, because Cage don't give a fuck--will co-star in stuntman Nick Powell's directorial debut, Outcast. Scripted by James Dormer and budgeted at only $25 million, the film takes place in 10th century China, and takes the straightforward, video game approach of following a warrior as he attempts to redeem himself by saving a princess. It's not clear whether it's Cage or Christensen attached to play the warrior, but it is exceedingly clear that neither of them are Chinese--though that fact, for whatever reason, presumably won't matter. As I said, Cage don't give a fuck.

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