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Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Ed Asner, Judd Nelson Starring in '12 Angry Men' of 9/11 "Truth" Movement


And it's being made by the director of the 1989 Brandon Lee Cold War action film Laser Mission, so you know it will really get to the TRUTH of whether 9/11 could have involved Ernest Borgnine and a laser cannon.

Outspoken "Truth" movement advocates Woody Harrelson, Ed Asner, and former fake President Martin Sheen--as well as Judd Nelson, who believes strongly in supplementing his Suddenly Susan residuals--are reportedly attached to head a task force re-opening the September 11 case in September Morn, a drama with apparently a much heavier subject matter than all the dancing of the Neil Diamond song. Said to be "in the vein of Twelve Angry Men," the BJ Davis-directed film has a script from Howard Cohen that focuses on a group that reexamines the independent investigation into the events of September, 11, which Deadline reports was "when terrorists used commercial airliners to attack the World Trade Center and Capitol." Oh, right! That!

Assuming the parallels continue with Twelve Angry Men, presumably one of these independent investigation investigators will begin to vocally doubt the guilt of Osama bin Laden, questioning the validity of the facts, and of whether or not there's a clandestine organization of reptile aliens secretly controlling government and conspiring against humanity, or whatever, and these questions will, one by one, slowly convince his fellow jurors of his case. At least until one someone else reminds everyone that this is from the director of Laser Mission, Stickfighter, and Charlie Sheen's Stunts Spectacular, and that should calm everyone down.

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