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Madea Coming for Christmas Next Year


Immediately willing into existence the triumphant yet sassy Handel/Madea collaboration "Hallelujer Chorus," Lionsgate has announced their upcoming lineup of Tyler Perry films, and yeah, there's a Madea Christmas movie on the way.

That Tyler Perry's film, which still doesn't have an official title, will reportedly bring baby Jesus the gift of Madea on December 13, 2013. A synopsis hasn't been provided, but judging by the Madea Christmas stageplay (below) and the rest of Madea's oeuvre, it will likely involve over-the-top melodrama interspersed with the shouting of a man in drag. A man will tearfully admit he wants to divorce his pregnant wife. Madea will take a large, decorative candy cane and violently wield it against a different, superimposed Tyler Perry character. As a choir fills a church with hope, a woman will at last come to terms with prior sexual abuse. In front of a crackling fire, Madea will fart and make flames shoot out the chimney. Something like that.

Less than half a year later comes the next Tyler Perry's: Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club, an institution described as "a dramatic comedy about a group of single mothers from different walks of life who are brought together by an incident at their children's school," hits theaters May 9, 2014. And if that still isn't enough TP for you, there's The Marriage Counselor arriving this March, not to mention another Alex Cross film already in development. Hallelujer.

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