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'Hungry Hungry Hippos' Becoming Animated Film About Disgusting Animal Gluttony


All the drama of pounding on a lever and hoping some marbles will roll into a plastic mouth hole is finally coming to screens.

Hungry Hungry Hippos--the children's game meant to imagine a scuffle for prescription medication at a Hippo Pride Parade--has been acquired from Hasbro by Emmett/Furla Films to develop into a feature-length film. Monopoly and Action Man (the UK's weirdly generic-sounding version of G.I. Joe), previously in development at other studios, were also transferred over to Emmett/Furla in the deal, and Ridley Scott remains attached to pretend he's going to one day direct the Monopoly film. It's unclear yet what is going to happen with Action Man--years ago, Jason Statham was rumored for the part, though that seems increasingly unlikely unless the character suddenly gets a two-piece suit and a pistol--but according to the Los Angeles Times, Hungry Hungry Hippos is already being eyed as "an animated movie for children," to start getting them really into overeating.

As for how his company will avoid the pitfall of making another flop like Battleship, Emmet of Emmet/Furla had the answer to that, too, saying: "Everything is about how you approach it in price. We're excited to make these movies in budget ranges where we are comfortable." So get excited. Coming soon: movies in comfortable budget ranges.

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