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'Hitchcock' Trailer: Anthony Hopkins Debuts His Alfred Hitchcock Impression


Suddenly an Oscar contender thanks to an awards-season release date--because the best judgment of Oscar relevancy is based on release timing and whether the main character is an impersonation or not--Hitchcock drops Anthony Hopkins into a fat suit and the struggles of getting Psycho made in the face of studio resistance and the challenges of shooting around Scarlett Johansson's/Janet Leigh's heaving breasts, which bound into the conversation multiple times in just the trailer. Helen Mirren appears to also give a nomination-worthy performance as Hitchcock's supportive but sardonic wife, while Jessica Biel, Toni Collette, Ralph Macchio, Danny Huston, and James D'Arcy play supporting roles that don't get much if any screen time in this preview. We'll save discussion of their boobs for the theater.

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