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Gerard Butler Will Continue Being Actor and Playing Inspirational Soccer


Though Chasing Mavericks utterly bombed and his upcoming soccer rom-com doesn't look much more promising, a resolute Gerard Butler is just going to keep right on with acting and pretending to be a soccer guy.

Deadline reports Butler is attached to star in Dynamo, a sports drama based on the true story documented in Andy Dougan's Dynamo: Defending The Honour Of Kiev. Like in December's Playing for Keeps, Butler will play a former soccer star, but this time will attempt to grumble his way through a Ukrainian accent as the goalkeeper-forcibly-turned-baker who, in 1942, led his reassembled team to victory in a symbolic game between war-torn Kiev and its Nazi occupiers. The win was hugely important as a source of inspiration to the weary Ukrainians, though it perhaps proved an even bigger victory in helping a Soviet Katherine Heigl type to realize that, beneath his rough and misogynistic exterior, Goalkeeper Butler was just the love she needed. Shooting begins in Europe next year.

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