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'Family Circus' Movie Still Coming To Please Grandpa's Angel


Apparently discontent with the number of devotional misunderstandings and malapropisms-per-minute (mpm) of their current Family Circus script, 20th Century Fox and God's Earthly Workers at Walden Media have hired on new screenwriters to bring life to the perpetually-youthful dolts of Bil Keane's long-running comic panel.

Variety reports that previously announced writers Bob Hilgenberg and Rob Muir have now been replaced by Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price, who previously mined adorable moppets for laughs with Disney's 2007 Dwayne Johnson comedy The Game Plan. There still isn't any indication of how the single-panel comic will be stretched out into a 90-minute campaign for infanticide, but in contrast to the recently-announced animated Peanuts movie, this project is being described as a live-action take on pudgy little humanoids. So if you've got a kid that looks like a pug-nosed white stump, get them to a casting agent.

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