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Dirk Diggler Presumed Dead


Bad news for any Boogie Nights sequels and/or Mark Wahlberg's The Touch 2012: Boogie Nights writer-director Paul Thomas Anderson says fictional porn star Dirk Diggler is probably dead.

Speaking to Moviehole (via) as to whether he'd ever consider a sequel, Anderson brought on the morbid news that Diggler's penis pep talk is retroactively a mournful penis eulogy, explaining:

I wonder how many of these characters would even still be alive? Probably a few of them, but I fear that most of them might be dead. I doubt Dirk Digger's still alive. He'd be probably gone. I couldn't see him making it.

So, good bye, Dirk. Probably.

Good news for Burt Reynolds, though: Anderson added he "can see Burt Reynolds' character Jack Horner still going on, though," so I guess that follow-up spin-off is hypothetically still on the table. Though, really, isn't The Adventures of Alfred Molina and Firecracker Guy what we're after here?

Rest in penis.

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