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DiCaprio, Hardy, and Maguire Making TWO Anti-Poaching Dramas, It Turns Out


The Basketball Best Friends that in August announced plans for an anti-poaching drama at Warner Bros. now have a second project in the works to reiterate their noble "seriously, let's stop lopping horns off things" stance.

Deadline reports Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, and Tobey Maguire are--again with Warner Bros.--now producing an anti-poaching drama being written by Up in the Air co-writer Sheldon Turner from a story by Hardy. Set in Africa, this film would star Hardy as a special forces officer who takes a job giving tactical training to Zimbabwe rangers fighting off the swarms of poachers that plague the region's rhinoceros and elephant populations. As his time extends there, "the soldier falls in love with the land, and the animals he is trying to save," just as the land and animals similarly fall in love with his full, pouty lips.

As for the other project, it still needs a writer and it isn't yet clear if any of the notable producers will go on-screen for the project. Like it was last August, it's still being described as a multi-stranded story showing the various levels of supply and demand for the poaching industry. Think Traffic, but now Topher Grace will be a footless elephant.

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