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Another 'Taken' Coming, But This Time Not Coming for Liam Neeson's Family


With Taken 2's first-place, $50 million opening weekend proving the franchise still has some life left for Liam Neeson to strangle out, Fox and the series' behind-the-vengeance creative team are already talking about another sequel.

Speaking to, screenwriter Robert Mark Kamen explained how the decision to begin work on Taken 3 has risen organically, from the basic desire to make a ton of money, saying, "We didn't start talking about [Taken 3] until we saw the numbers. But then we said, 'Oh, okay. I think we should do a third one.' And Fox wants us to do a third one."

The only issue about a third film, outside the already-apparent evidence of diminishing returns? As far as Liam Neeson's nuclear family goes, there just isn't anyone left to Taken. As Kamen explained, "We've taken everyone we can take -- it's going to go in another direction. Should be interesting."

Well, if you need some help, here are some ideas to get you through a few more sequels:

Taken 3 - Liam Neeson awakens to find limbs, several organs sold into sexual slavery. Neeson attaches pistols and cell phone to torso; kills all responsible.

Taken 4 - Liam Neeson misinterprets concept of Heaven and Earth as the interdimensional trafficking of human souls. Neeson kills God, destroys all of Creation.

Taken 5 - Gazing out upon his new domain, a barren kingdom free of abduction and human trafficking, Neeson feels empty, despondent; grapples self into eternal deadlock, an Irish Ouroboros forever threatening to use its very particular set of skills upon itself.

Taken 6 - This time Neeson has to rescue his daughter's pet chimp! And the two of them do NOT get along!

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